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Do I Need A Funeral Trust?

This question can be asked in a different way. What if I didn’t have a funeral trust? Here’s an all too common example of what might happen...

Jane is 63 years old, widowed and has two children, Susan and David. Without warning, while doing spring cleanup in her garden, Jane suffers a stroke and ends up in the hospital. She stays in the hospital for 14 days until she’s released to a nursing home, where she passes away after 3 months. The bill for her hospital and nursing home stays totals $145,000, more than the worth of her entire estate.

After her husband passed away, Jane talked about how important it was for her to have a dignified funeral like her husband did a few years before. With a little planning, Jane could have had those expenses covered. Her grieving children now face the added burden of figuring out how to pay for the dignified funeral she deserves.

Who Will Pay?

Jane’s children figure they’ll need to spend $10,000 on her funeral and split the costs. Susan recently had a child and is a stay-at-home mom, and with little extra money to spare, she puts her $5,000 share on her credit card. Likewise, David adds his share to his credit card as well, figuring he can pay it off after selling several family heirlooms.

By pre-planning with an irrevocable funeral trust, Jane could have tucked away the money needed for her funeral, and this money would have been protected from the hospital, nursing home and any other creditors she might have had. Jane’s family would have been free to plan the funeral without the worry of how to pay for it.

This is only one reason for having a funeral trust. To find out all the benefits and to get started with a Wisconsin Funeral Trust, call Future Financial Resource Group today.

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