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How Much Will I Pay for a Medicare Part D Plan?

There is no single monthly premium for Part D prescription drug coverage, and differences among plan benefits can create wide variation in total costs. Under the standard benefit model established by federal law, you will pay:

  • A monthly premium.
  • An annual deductible before coverage begins.
  • A part of the cost of each prescription such as a flat co-payment or percentage, up to a pre-defined limit, during the initial coverage period.
  • A percentage of the costs in the Coverage Gap.
  • A nominal amount under Catastrophic Coverage.

In 2015 the cost for generics in the Gap or "donut hole" will be 65% of the drug's cost, and for Brand Name drugs you will pay 45% of the total drug cost. This is accomplished by requiring pharmaceutical companies who wish to be a part of the program to cover 50% of the cost for Brand name drugs and for the Part D insurance company to cover the percentage over 50%. This gap will continue to reduce until 2020 when your total cost in the Gap will be 25%.

Catastrophic Coverage begins after your total out of pocket drug costs for one year reach $4700 and ends at the end of the calendar year. To get this amount in 2015, you add together what you paid in the Initial Coverage period, the 65% you pay for generics in the Coverage Gap and 95% of the cost of Brand name drugs in the Coverage Gap. When you reach Catastrophic Coverage, you will pay the greater of 5% of the cost or $2.65 co-pay for generics, including Brand name drugs treated as generics, and a co-pay of $6.60 for all other drugs. Most people do not reach this level.

The federal government subsidizes the Part D program. Due to limited income and financial resources, some people may qualify for the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, known as "Extra Help". You can find out more about Extra Help from your Social Security office. Also, beginning in 2011 people with incomes above a certain level pay a surcharge for Part D drug coverage on top of plan premium.

Prescription Drug Plan costs among different plans can vary widely for many reasons, and finding a plan that fits your needs can lower your overall costs. FFRG has experienced agents that can assist you with this process.

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